“Where I once played as a boy is now an active-adult community called Verona.”

Having grown up in Littleton, where my father once owned a Main Street restaurant, the location of Verona, our new over-55 community, holds special memories for me. From climbing trees to learning to drive . . . I learned it here.

I take pride in my forty years of local and regional real estate development and finance. From working with local municipalities on infrastructure improvement to working with Greenwood Village and Aurora schools and Denver Parks, (other than the Air Force) my work and interests have always been in Colorado. I believe we all enjoy a special quality of life here. The projects I have been involved with over the years have enhanced the land for the people who live here. It is about the relationship between people and place, and Colorado’s one-of-a-kind retirement community at Verona is my latest accomplishment.

Today, I am proud to spearhead the vision and development for this very special age-qualified, over-55 community for residents like myself, my wife, Ann, and of course our dog, Daisy. We enjoy our work and we enjoy our free time. We bike, travel, enjoy time with our grandchildren, and mostly we enjoy our quiet walks along the High Line Canal. At Verona, you will find all the nearby recreation, restaurants, shopping, and amenities that will make our active-adult retirement community your special place to create memories and the perfect place for your next “walk amongst nature.”

                    – Greg Fulton, Managing Partner,
                        Verona Building Co., LLC


“After building nearly 5,000 homes and overseeing the development of thousands of home sites, I know what it takes to build an unparalleled retirement-living community.”

My career in real estate began well over thirty years ago. From building over 1,600 homes for Wood Bros. Homes, to my work as president of Centex Homes, Colorado Division, where I built over 2,900 homes, I have learned the art of home building from the ground up.

I have learned that a quality community begins with a vision and understanding of how people live and how future residents will experience their homes, their neighborhood, and their neighbors. At Verona, we began the design process for this age-restricted, active-adult community with a resident-centric vision that has today become a reality. We know great visions require great execution. From the “sensitive to nature” design of our community, to our extraordinary Tuscan-inspired retirement condos and townhomes, you too will get the sense that Verona elevates over-55 community building to an art. I invite you to see our state of the art retirement-community homes for yourself, and when you do, you will probably see me doing my job, assuring that the vision of Verona is realized by great execution. I look forward to meeting you.

                    – Miles Grant, Construction Manager,
                        Verona Building Co., LLC


“My most important job of the day? Ensuring attention to detail in the unique retirement-living homes at Verona.”

With over twenty years of construction management experience working with local and national home-building organizations, I have gained valuable insights into what makes a new home a quality home with enduring value.  I have been fortunate to work on some of the finest communities in the country.  I believe the retirement-community homes at Verona offer a new spin on retirement living and represent my best work yet. 

Our homes at Verona begin with an uncompromising focus on delivering homes of quality design and construction using highly refined energy-saving materials and technology. We believe our Colorado retirement community looks to the future and represents a very special place . . . a place deserving of homes built with the latest technologies coupled with a relentless attention to detail--that’s my job.  A place that soars above other age-qualified communities and retirement developments.  

I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have about your new residence at Verona. I am on-site and always available to answer questions or perhaps brag a little bit about our over-55 condos and townhomes at Verona. When you live at Verona, you will brag about your new home, too.

                    – Brad Griffin, Project Manager,
                        Verona Building Co., LLC


Verona is without question the most remarkable age-qualified community I have ever been part of.

With more than two decades of sales management and marketing experience in age-restricted communities, I have worked with some of the best in the business.  From Pulte to Del Webb to John Laing Homes, I have seen first-hand what goes into building a great active-adult community.

I know that community is about more than the location, homes, sidewalks, and amenities offered. It’s about the neighbors with much in common and the special gathering places for new neighbors to get acquainted and old friends to routinely meet.  Finally, it’s about the people who choose to call Verona home.  The over-55 community at Verona has it all!

I look forward to meeting you when you visit Verona.  When you do, I will tell you more about what goes into creating a stylish, contemporary and unique retirement-living community, and you will see for yourself everything Verona has to offer. You will also sense something special, something that feels like home.

                     – Sue Camara,
                        Community Sales Manager


I don’t sell houses. I help people discover their new homes and assist them every step of the way.”

With more than 20 years of new-homes sales experience, I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of new home buyers.  For every home I have sold, I can count an equal number of friends that I have made by making the process as rewarding as possible.  

Now I have the privilege of presenting Colorado's premier retirement community at Verona, a community that puts a fresh spin on an old-fashioned concept.  In my many years of offering well-built homes in nice neighborhoods, I have never had so much to present and so much for my buyers to discover.  From the remarkable location to the stunning, energy-efficient Tuscan-inspired residences, you will discover for yourself why you will soon call home the over-55 community at Verona.

When you visit Verona, Sue Camara and I promise you an extraordinary first impression. Then, as a resident, the community of Verona promises to make it a lasting impression.

                     – Mark Lifpitz,
                        Community Sales Counselor